White wedding dress and Elvis contribute to couple's 50th anniversary

Penny Coffman, finally knows how to get to your wedding - albeit 50 years later.
Penny and her husband, Larry, who lives most of the year in Hawaii was what they call their "apartment" in Manhattan will celebrate its 50th anniversary in style on Saturday.
First, the anniversary of the agenda was a trip in his pink 1957 Cadillac Coupe de Ville - once said himself to be possessed by Elvis Presley. The couple along Santa Fe, Larry, with a white shirt and black pants, and Penny crossed with a white wedding dresses.
During the trip, the couple bought in stores in Salina had breakfast, and "Cozy Inn happened," said Penny.

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Of course, comfortably wrapped Larry Penny, who was oiler Cadillac wheel with the emergence of a true freshness.
"We have butterflies when we met, and we still have butterflies," said Penny, 69, her husband of 71 years.
Later that evening, Larry and Penny celebrated with a birthday party and dance to an old school friend of Carolyn Meier carbon Salina home.
Invited to the party with her three children and several grandchildren, close friends and a charge of co-Salina, four "bridesmaid" who ran the local DAV for clothes to suit the era in 1950.
For Penny, it was a perfect way not only to celebrate the 50th anniversary, but the perfect wedding she never had.
"When people say they can not return, this is not true," said Penny. "You can go back."
Rewind 53 years of day in 1958 when Larry Coffman and the former Sheffield Penny first met in high school in Salina - Salina Central High School now. Penny was a sophomore and a senior Larry.
"We met at a party school," said Penny, class of 1960. "It was like the Fonz. He went with them."
Larry, meanwhile liked Penny, when he saw her.
"It was fun to be with," said Larry, class of 1958. "And still is."
Four years later he decided to marry Larry and Penny. You bet March 10, 1962, when the date of marriage of the Cathedral of Christ Salina. What I did not realize that on 10 March and the day was holy season of Lent.
"Because of Lent, I am not allowed to wear white, the ceremony of being on the night he was in the chapel was not the cathedral, and all who could attend was close to the family," said Penny.
So why not just change the date?
Well, Penny occur due to pregnancy at the time.
"I thought it was important to marry soon," he said. "I thought I would go to hell if I dressed in white."
The couple was attended by religious norms, but after marriage they went to Eddie's Night Club, a unique institution, Salina, where his friends were waiting.
"We danced and drank and smoked cigarettes," said Penny.
Fifty years later, when it came time to celebrate their golden wedding, Penny was determined to wear a white wedding dress all day and some of his classmates friends to dress as the bridesmaids, who were not allowed have 50 years.
Maid of Honor Judy Kenison - formerly Batcheller - said it was a great pleasure to find and bring a style of 1950 Bridesmaid Dress cents application.
"I even had the same bag I took the ball in 1959," he said.
Kenison said Coffman had a wonderful couple and have been for over 50 years he has known.
"We had fun when we're together," he said. "They act the same as it was in 1960, the madness."
There is no doubt that Elvis would be Coffman with one of her old pink Cadillac to celebrate its 50th anniversary approved. The couple's son Gary was the Cadillac Ranch, a Lubbock, Texas, three years ago.
"We found the owners, was one of Elvis Pink Cadillac," said Larry. "First a 1956 Cadillac Elvis bought for his mother and was painted pink."
Larry said that the Cadillac is in excellent condition and has all original parts.
"It's like new," he said.
After their wedding in Coffman in Salina for a month or two remain until they return to their home in Oahu.
Penny said she and Larry live permanently in Salina, if not a house in Hawaii.
"We have family and roots here," he said. "Not much to go back to where you grew up. Why it was important to have our wedding here.
"Everyone here has their own life now, but if we all work together, we go the way we were."

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